POSTED: 9th February 2012

Our blog is becoming an important tool for how we communicate, with many of our clients regularly visiting our site to view the useful information we post.

Make sure you stay up to date and informed by subscribing to our RSS feed.  That way, whenever we post on our blog you will be notified that there is new content available to read.  Depending on your internet browser and email systems, there are a number of ways you can subscribe to our RSS feed.  You can subscribe in mail, and when we post on our blog you will receive an email notification either into your inbox or into the RSS folder in your email (please note that some email systems do not support RSS feeds).

You can also subscribe by adding the RSS feed to your bookmarks list, and if you put it into your bookmark bar you will see a (1) displayed when there is a new post to read.

For step by step instructions to help you subscribe to our RSS feeds via bookmark please click here.  Please note, the steps may be different depending on your internet browser but hopefully you will figure it out – if not consult with Google!

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