Does your organisation have a correct process in place for managing disciplinary issues?

Do you need guidance of experienced Associates to work through these processes?

Did you know that if it goes wrong a personal grievance can cost over $30,000?


Most employers, but definitely not all of them, will follow the correct process required by Employment Relations Act 2000.

The guiding principles in carrying out a disciplinary process are natural justice, fairness, and good faith.  This ensures your employees are treated with substantive and procedural fairness – minimising the risks associated with any personal grievance that may arise.

During a disciplinary process, it is often necessary to conduct an investigation. This is where we can help you. We are independent from your business and can therefore conduct a fair and confidential investigation process without interfering with the employment relationship.

“We look forward to being your chosen representative to facilitate a solution which will potentially save your business time and money. We will assist by managing processes, creating practical solutions, and ensuring your actions meet current legislative requirements.”

Two required elements
  1. Substantive Fairness:
    Outcome of the disciplinary process must be fair and reasonable having regard to the performance or behaviour of the employee concerned.
  2. Procedural Fairness:
    The way in which the disciplinary procedure has been carried out should comply with the rules of natural justice.

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