Have you ever encountered behaviour that you felt could not be ignored?


Harassment can be described as an undesired, repeated behaviour that has a detrimental effect on the recipient. The severity of the behaviours and conduct involved with harassment range dramatically, with “bullying” being the most severe.  Generally, bullying is a repetitive act, carried out in an attempt to gain power/exert dominance, with the intention of causing fear or distress. Many organisations will have their own harassment policies, which provide procedures to follow when an allegation is made.  Does yours?

  • Employers are obligated to provide a safe and secure work environment, and take all reasonably practicable steps to manage hazards and avoid exposing employees to unnecessary risk of physical injury or physiological harm.
  • It is therefore paramount that all bullying and/or harassment complaints are treated seriously, and immediate action is taken to thoroughly investigate the allegations.

In New Zealand we have legislation that protect employees against workplace behaviours such as bullying, harassment and discrimination.  An employer is responsible for investigating any such complaints from their employees. Paul Diver Associates can manage the investigation process – ensuring it is independent, robust, fair and confidential.

“Paul Diver Associates have extensive experience in handling these often emotional and volatile situations. Being independent investigators, we have the advantage to be free from any bias, ensuring employees are treated fairly and employers are provided with accurate findings.”

Let our professional team manage the complex investigation process. Complaints of bullying and harassment must be dealt with promptly, so don’t delay in contacting our team today.