There are over 10 different Acts that commonly apply to employment situations.

Is your business following the law?


You may not realise it, but by simply hiring a single employee you will expose your business to legal risk. Even before you start the recruitment process there are anti-discrimination and privacy laws you need to abide by, not to mention all the other laws that apply once your employee actually starts work. Getting it wrong can create significant cost for your business. You can be required to pay hefty fines, penalties, reparations, costs, compensation and lost wages, for a breach of legislation which you may not have even been aware.

Employment legislation and associated Regulations are constantly changing.  The Employment Relations Act alone has had over seven amendments since it’s enactment in 2000, with no doubt more to come. Further, with every change of Government a new series of amendment bills is ignited. Minimum wage entitlements, employment conditions, health and safety regulations, privacy principles, human rights, and holiday pay are frequently being altered. How are you supposed to keep up?

To start with you can follow our website as we regularly post blogs about upcoming legislative changes, guiding legal and best practice principles as developed by leading cases, handy tips, Q & A’s, informative videos, and monthly in-depth articles on particular employment-related issues. We can also review and renew your employment agreements, workplace policies and procedures, and provide you with specific legal opinions or risk assessments as and when required.

“At Paul Diver Associates, we stay up to date with current employment legislation and can advise you of the legal requirements that apply to your workplace. We are able to educate your Managers through written and verbal communications, meetings or by facilitating on-site presentations.”

Employment-related Legislation
  • Employment Relations Act
  • Holidays Act
  • Human Rights Act
  • Privacy Act
  • Health and Safety in Employment Act
  • Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act
  • Wages Protection Act
  • Minimum Wage Act
  • Smoke-Free Environments Act
  • Immigration Act
  • Modern Apprenticeship Training Act

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